Sonika Tapkire

SAN CALPA derived from the word Sankalp is an Idea conceived from the Heart.

We Design for Love. We design for Change. We design to Express.

At SAN CALPA, the artistic bond shared by a mother and her two children is brought to life using traditional ‘karigari’ i.e. craftsmanship and contemporised for 'the New Age India'. Two generations of traditional 'Karigars' (craftsman) bring our designs to life.

Over 40 years of cumulative experience in the leather industry brings out the character and finish in our products.

SAN CALPA is an expression of the vibrant, ever evolving modern India.

What you experience when you hold our design is genuine Indian leather, which is hand cut & moulded for; using traditional methods. We render an experience of Indian craft hidden in the narrow alleys of Mumbai.

Finest quality Leather, hardware and fabrics are sourced, to ensure each product is hand made to perfection.Every product undergoes two stages of quality control before it reaches you. This is what SAN CALPA stands for and delivers.

We welcome you to experience the new age India!